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What Clients Think

A glimpse at how current and former clients found my advocacy. 


Family Advocacy for 3

"It gives me great pleasure to recommend Laura Jones as an advocate. For the last 5 years she has went above and beyond for my family. Even if you don't think you will need an advocate until an issue arises, it is good to have her on your team from the beginning.


 Laura handles any situation with the utmost professionalism and care for my children. She looks at every situation with an open mind. At times, when us parents are frustrated and don't understand what's truly being said or going on, she breaks it down. Laura has become not only an advocate for my children, but someone they can turn to and ask anything. She'll come running for any of her clients. I am so glad I reached out to her 5 years ago. My children wouldn't be as successful as they are now if it wasn't for her on my team. There's not enough words to say how much she means to myself and family."


Carrie L.  Mother to 3 (High School, Middle School)

Exhausted Parent Relief

"Laura Jones has been instrumental in helping my family navigate the confusing and overwhelming educational system.


When I first met Laura, I was an exhausted mother of three autistic daughters who were falling apart and refusing school. Laura is knowledgable and a respected voice that understands the needs of girls on the autism spectrum. She works well with school administration, teachers, and staff to meet the special needs of special kids within a public school setting when possible.


When it became clear that staying within the public setting was not in the best interest of my children, Laura had great recommendations on where to look elsewhere and my kids are thriving today. Laura is a kind and a supportive person who guided us through some of the toughest times our family has been through. I highly recommend her as an advocate. ❤️"

 - Renee, Mother of 3 (Junior High, Elementary)

Children in Classroom
Two people in graduation gowns

Success is in Sight

Laura has been the advocate for my son since 8th grade.  He’s now getting ready to graduate high school, with job experience.    Laura made the school follow the rules during difficult times.   She helped me sort out what would make my son successful with school and have the school provide those things to help him achieve.


Laura helped me understand I could help my child get the right education and she gave me confidence to approach issues without being accusatory and negative with the school and teachers.  We found the win for my son togther.


-Sarah T – Mother of a Graduating Senior


Serving Ohio and Michigan

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