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Knowledge & Experience Count

Knowing the rules and what schools can do, makes a difference.


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Knowing what to expect, what to ask for and what is necessary in the process of dealing with schools helps.  It also is important to know what is not allowed. 


Calm, clear game plan.  It's emotional when your child is the issue and you are dealing with people who may not see things the same way you do.   Having an advocate can help improve the situation, open stuck lines of communication and create winning solutions.

Cooperation is the key.  I work to create clear communication with schools, to open up channels of communication, to make sure you are aware of the rules and expectations surrounding your child's education in a public or charter school, and to make sure they respect your child's rights.

My focus is always the best educational interests of your child.   That means working well with their school and creating accountability where necessary, in a professional manner.


What To Expect with Advocacy

Initial Consultation


Part of the professional advocacy standard is to know a child in order to advocate effectively.  The initial meeting should review the issues, and also provide an opportunity to meet your child.

This meeting can be up to an hour.   We review all your issues, concerns and then talk about a plan.

Records Review

As important as meeting you and your child is the review of existing records, data and documents.  Once a release is signed with the school, a review of all data will be made.  This ensures an informed meeting and avoids assumptions about programs, placement and services.

Expectations for Meetings

An IEP meeting has a certain order, as do discipline proceedings.   You will know what to expect as we walk through your child's meeting.   

Focus on your child

These are the beginnings of every good solution with a family and school.
Meetings With the School

Once we have meetings scheduled with the school, I will attend those meetings with you.    We will walk through the IEP meetings, behavior meetings, personal curriculum or disciplinary meetings together. 


At all times, you may expect a professional advocate with you helping to clarify your position and advocate for what best for your child.


Serving Ohio and Michigan

Over the phone or online:  

To have me contact you:

313-999-3217  Direct Confidential Line
Monitored on weekends and after hours.

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