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  • What is Full Advocacy?
    Full Advocacy provides you with an end to end advocate. Your advocate will review your child's case, from records to current situation and help guide you through school related processes. Includes IEP, placement, behavior issue and plans, testing, and general compliance with existing IEP demands. The full advocate has a professional advocate who works with you to build all aspects of your child's educational needs within the school processes, attends meetings and generally is a go to reference for parents about their specific case. Your advocate attends meetings with you and helps level the playing field with the school. Their knowledge and professionalism lets you work from a position of strength with the school. To inquire about this service, please fill out the contact form or call directly, there is no charge for the initial case discussion.
  • Can we just talk about my situation without full advocacy?
    Yes. When you do not need full advocacy, you can still access professional help with creating a game plan or strategy for your next meeting, or charting out a plan to deal with a specific situation with the school. Simply contact me using the consultation form contact option and we can arrange a time to speak via phone or video link.
  • Do you handle suspension & expulsion matters?
    Yes. As part of full advocacy services, suspension, expulsion and Manifestation Determination Review hearings are places advocacy is applicable. Please fill out an intake form / consultation request to being this process. If you matter is urgent / time limited, please indicate that in the comments of your submission form. In some cases, after understanding your circumstances, we may recommend you select an attorney instead.
  • Where do you offer Advocacy Services?
    Advocacy is available in Ohio and Michigan. Since each state has their own rules about special education, I do not generally offer advocacy services outside of these areas.
  • Do you provide legal advice?
    No. Advocates never provide legal advice to clients. We recommend strategies and issue references that help families navigate education issues with schools. If your case reaches a point where an attorney will better serve your child, I will recommend a COPAA (Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates) list for you to select an attorney from. My goal is always to prevent this need from arising. Advocate may help prepare complaints at the State Complaint and OCR / DOE levels. Attorneys are important when you are going to Due Process.
  • How much does advocacy cost?
    Advocacy is fee for service. I request a retainer upfront before your case begins. Generally speaking, your retainer will cover a full IEP and surrounding meetings. After the retainer is used, you are billed as services are used. I do offer payment options and a sliding scale for those with demonstrated need.
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes we do. Credit cards are accepted for payment of your initial retainer or subsequent bills. A service fee may be added by the payment processor for this convenience. Please remember that you are purchasing time, not an outcome. There is no guarantee of outcome and no refunds are provided.


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