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Laura Jones, LLC            Professional Education Advocate

Outside the School
Why Call Me?

My name is Laura Jones and I am a professional education advocate.  


My advocacy work is set at a high professional standard and I am focused on delivering the best results for your child.  It is integral to your child's success that all members of your child's team are treated with respect and professionalism.


I employ a collaborative method that gets results and preserves your relationship with your child's school.  


I do not "do battle" at the outset, I find solutions that help your child succeed.

I work in Michigan & Ohio, having lived in Michigan for over 25 years, and now reside in Ohio.  I live near Lima, with my husband, parents and one of our children who is still launching into the world.

Our family experience with special education has been both positive and negative, which undoubtedly led me to work as an advocate.  I know personally how difficult the process is and how mystifying it can be at times. 


My work is about helping to create the best opportunities for children to succeed, and using the rules to create more productive and receptive environments within a school.

  • Successful Outcome Focus - not war with the school (I can do war but it's not the place to start)

  • Member of The Governors Task Force for Special Education Reform - 2015 to 2018 (Michigan)

  • Case Collaboration with schools, agencies and attorneys

  • Win-win negotiator

  • Experienced Advocate since 2015

  • Founder of Special Education Advocacy & Development (SEAD), Michigan

  • Parent of Special Education Student

  • Recommended by Parents!


Want to know more about advocacy and how it can help your child?  Fill out the contact form or open a Live Chat.  You are welcome to ask questions or take advantage of our Free Initial Consultation.

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Girl in Wheelchair

Placement, Aids,

Least Restrictive Environment

Aids, Teachnology,

Supports & Services

Discipline Issues

504 Plans

Wherever you are in your process, my goal is to help you make progress towards  success for your child.  


As an ACCESS Education advocate, the focus is on your child's success and working in partnerships with your child's school. Sometimes we don't start off at that point, but normally we end up there.   Professional behavior gets professional results.


Knowledge of correct process can help you gain the best outcome


Serving Ohio and Michigan

Over the phone or online:  

To have me contact you:

313-999-3217  Direct Confidential Line
Monitored on weekends and after hours.

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