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Tips when things are difficult with the school

When things are not quite going well with your child's school, it's a good time to open a discussion with them. It's important to let the staff know that your child is struggling or that you're concerned about goals not being met.

Most importantly, when you let the school know, do it in writing. If it's not in writing, it's difficult to get time lines started when compliance is involved, and difficult to show your hard work of the other party doesn't recall your conversation, or recalls it differently. Writing creates a documented record of what your concerns are and the events you're recounting. It also prompts the school to reply in the same way, making your records more complete.

Be clear with the school; ask for what you want for your child, or state your concerns. Then listen carefully to their reply. Are they saying ' no we don't want to' or ' no we can't' or simply 'we need more information'. Above all, take notes. If they are responding to concerns, did they show they understood what your concerns are and why? The response tells you a lot about the school and what they are thinking.

If you are heading into a meeting, be prepared. Know what the meeting agenda is and what the expected process is for the meeting. Ask questions until you understand and takes notes. If you're being hit with acronyms, all the team not to use them and say what they full title of things are.

If you're still in doubt, get help.

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