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Back to School Essentials

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Heading back to school, it’s important to remember you have the ability to set the groundwork for a great academic year for your child. There are several key tasks you should do as a parent to prepare the ground for a good start to your child’s coming term:

  1. Make an intro “cheat sheet” for the teachers. While every teacher should be given a copy of your child’s IEP, Positive Supports Behavior Intervention Plan and supports, it can be difficult to remember all of the document, and parts of the documents are not relevant to a teacher. We also know sometimes teachers don’t get information timely, or at all. Be your child’s best advocate now, and put together a short 1 page list of key things to know about how your child can be successful!

  2. Smooth the way. If your child struggles with transitions, new situations, other classmates or any specific aspect of classtime, ask for an early introduction for your child to get familiar with places, people and routines. Also consider getting a social story about the coming new term and review it often. Knowing what to expect can alleviate a great deal of stress!

  3. Avoid the chaos. If your child is one of the kids who cannot tolerate excessive noise, chaos or things going poorly, you may want to consider asking for an early or late arrival on day 1. Things go wrong in new routines, so either prep your child for things to go a bit haywire, or avoid the situation. Good starts are important to future success.

Be positive! Be proactive! Set your child and their teachers up for great success!

Great starts being with planning

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